Automatic Shut-Off Sprinkler Riser

Product Information

No More Geysers (NMG) is a sprinkler riser with an internal shut-off valve. When a sprinkler head breaks off, NMG automatically shuts off the water at the break. NMG stops the “lawn geysers” we have all seen; so it conserves water by avoiding water loss when a sprinkler head gets broken off, and it lowers the risk of property damage and liability caused by water flowing out of the sprinkler system.

How It Works

Product Specs

Easy to Install!

Fully Adjustable!

Verified Water Conservation Results

Independent third-party testing found that:

Report on the Water Savings of NMG Automatic Shutoff Sprinkler Risers

Conserves Water
Ensures Compliance
Reduces Erosion and Runoff
Lowers Risk of Liability
Is a Simple Retrofit
Takes the Panic out of the Repair
The Most Cost Effective Solution

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